Welcome To Green Dentistry

At Green Dentistry, we believe in creating a dental practice that cares for people and the planet. We believe that a beautiful smile begins on the inside and, with a combination of sharing the importance of total body wellness and the use of excellent dental care, we can help our patients receive the top-tier treatment they deserve. We encourage you to learn more about our practice and hear thoughts from our team and our beloved patients — click here to watch a short video.

Learn More About The Green Dentistry Difference

Are you looking for a dental practice that truly cares about your overall health as well as your oral health? You need look no further than Dr. Patel and Green Dentistry. Dr. Patel believes that a beautiful smile starts from the inside and uses the most innovative treatments and technologies to give you a smile that is designed for healing, rejuvenation and restoration. We offer a high level of care while ensuring that our patients feel comfortable and welcome in our office. We also love to hear the amazing feedback our wonderful patients give us regarding the care they receive at Green Dentistry. We recently had the pleasure to speak to one of our patients. Click here to watch a video about her thoughts.

Ep #01: Green Dentistry

Welcome to the Healthy Bite Podcast, where you’ll gain a new perspective on green dentistry and holistic health so you can live longer and chew better. In this opening episode, Dr. Nammy Patel explains what green dentistry really is, why it’s so important, and how oral health is linked to the health of your entire…