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Mercury is toxic. Why do you want it anywhere near your mouth?
Dr. Patel is a SMART certified mercury safe dentist. Find out more.

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Mercury Has No Place in Your Mouth

For decades, mercury amalgam was used by dentists to create “silver” fillings. But the dangers of mercury toxicity have been known for centuries.

Nearly 75% of adults have a mercury filling. Over time, mercury leaches into the body causing neurological, immunological, and endocrinological problems.

As an experienced dentist focused on my patient’s whole-body health, I am not willing to ignore the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings.

I completed the SMART certification program from The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and am one of few dentists in San Francisco qualified to safely remove amalgam fillings.

Keep reading to learn more about my commitment to mercury-free dentistry.

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The Green Dentistry Difference

At Green Dentistry we strive to build life-long relationships with our patients so you feel secure about your smile for today and many years to come. We want you to feel confident in the work we do together to give you not only a beautiful smile but functionality and oral health to last a lifetime. We are also proud to give back - both to people who are in need and to the environment that surrounds us. We are excited to make you the newest member of our holistic dental care family.

What Does Dr. Patel’s SMART Certification Mean For You?

At Green Dentistry we take our patient’s health and safety very seriously. When removing fillings and restorations containing mercury we protect you by using:

  • Mercury-absorbing rinses that prevent you from ingesting any toxic materials
  • Full barriers that limit your mercury exposure
  • Powerful suction to quickly and effectively remove even the smallest bits of mercury-containing materials
  • High-tech filters that separate and safely store mercury for proper disposal

How to Safely Remove Mercury Fillings

At Green Dentistry, we love hearing from people who are interested in mercury amalgam removal. We can remove mercury fillings and replacing them with a healthy alternative. As a SMART-certified dentist, Dr. Patel takes great care throughout the removal of mercury fillings. Here’s what you can expect:

You’ll breathe filtered air during the procedure

A rubber dam will prevent you from swallowing mercury

A high-tech evacuator captures mercury vapor

We will clean and rinse your mouth during and after the treatment

Did You Know: Mad as a hatter

The dangers of mercury poisoning are not a new discovery. In Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter’s erratic behavior was caused by mercury exposure, a well-known affliction among hatmakers in the 19th century.

Alternatives to Mercury Amalgam Restorations

If you have mercury fillings in your mouth, don’t worry! There are great alternatives that will look better, last longer, and most importantly help you stay healthy and avoid the negative health effects caused by mercury exposure. At Green Dentistry we offer:

Metal-Free & Mercury-Free Fillings

Composite fillings look just like real teeth and are built to last for years. Unlike mercury fillings, they are completely non-toxic and require the removal of minimal natural tooth structure.
Learn More

CEREC Crowns

Custom made in minutes, CEREC crowns are amazingly durable and natural-looking restorations. They are made from non-toxic and biocompatible materials.
Learn More

Symptoms of Mercury Exposure & Toxicity


Muscle Weakness

Mood Swings


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Nammy for 10 years. Her holistic focus is such a refreshing alternative from the clinical feel of traditional dental/medical practices. Her team is amazing. They all bring an incredibly warm presence to every visit. Much love to them all for leading with a mindful and environmentally-conscious approach to health.”

– Luke F.

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