Dr. Nammy Patel - Holistic Dentist in San Francisco

Dr. Nammy Patel, a renowned holistic dentist and graduate of the University of California’s School of Dentistry, has seamlessly blended her expertise in dental care with a passion for environmental well-being. As a published author and leader in holistic dentistry, Dr. Patel emphasizes the crucial connection between dental health and overall well-being.

Now, she’s taking her commitment to a new level by introducing an innovative online course. In this upcoming program, Dr. Patel will share her wealth of knowledge, offering insights into holistic and functional dentistry. Participants can expect to learn about the importance of eco-conscious dental practices, non-invasive treatments, and the vital relationship between dental health and overall wellness.

Dr. Patel’s course is set to revolutionize the way individuals approach oral care, reflecting her dedication to providing more than just dental excellence. Stay tuned for an opportunity to experience the intersection of holistic dentistry and environmental consciousness in a convenient online format.