Green Dentistry COVID-19 Safety Protocol Tour

Please watch the video below for a tour of the Green Dentistry office and our new COVID-19 protocols. We’re dedicated to keeping you safe during your next dental visit, so we’ve implemented the following procedures and equipment:

  • Our office door handles are sanitized with wipes and UV light every hour.
  • When you enter, we give you hand sanitizer, check your temperature, sanitizer your phone with UV light, and spray your body with an alcohol solution to ensure no virus is on your body.
  • Rooms have closed doors, and each room has it’s own air circulation, which is in one direction to minimize contamination.
  • A special AirDoctor filtration system filters the air with charcoal and HEPA filters.
  • A UV light sterilizes rooms in between patients.
  • During all procedures, we use an Aegis oral suction device to filter aerosol particles in the air.
  • Our bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized every half hour.

Watch, Read, and Listen to all of our COVID-19 information here:

COVID-19 Recommendations from a California Holistic Dentist

As the coronavirus has spread across the globe, we at Green Dentistry have been closely monitoring the development of this situation for the past few months. Dental professionals are essential during a pandemic, and we will continue to serve our patients with infection management and pain relief services to help keep them out of the emergency room.

With COVID-19 continuing to impact the Bay Area, we’ve gotten several questions from new and existing patients:

If I’m in pain should I go to the dentist?

Social distancing is critical to flattening the curve and reducing the spread of the coronavirus. At the same time, preventing or managing dental infections is key to your overall health. We’ve seen first-hand how untreated dental infections develop, often resulting in patients having to go to the hospital — the very last place you want to be during a pandemic unless it’s absolutely unavoidable.

We recommend that our patients continue to see us for regular checkups and cleanings, since we are taking all precautions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, and keeping up with the health of your teeth and gums is actually beneficial to helping to prevent infections that can hurt your immune system, potentially making you more vulnerable to COVID-19.

The Green Dentistry Difference

At Green Dentistry, we strive to build life-long relationships with our patients to help them feel secure about their smiles today and for many years to come. We want our patients to feel confident in the work we do together to give them not only beautiful smiles but also functionality and oral health to last a lifetime. We are also proud to give back — to people who are in need and to the environment that surrounds us. We are excited to make you the newest member of our holistic dental care family.

New Patient? We’ll Plant a Tree In Your Honor

We believe in “green dentistry with a green thumb.” Let’s work together to help improve the environment and fight climate change.

Every year, your tree will:

  • Produce 260 lbs of fresh oxygen
  • Remove 25+ lbs of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Provide shade and habitat for birds, squirrels, and other animals

Help us make a difference!

The best dental care in the San Francisco Bay Area!

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you on your journey to an amazing smile and life-long health!

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