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Dr. Patel, Forbes Books & Amazon Best-Selling Author

Meet Dr. Patel

At Green Dentistry, we’re a different kind of dental practice. I founded Green Dentistry with the goal of helping everyone live long, healthy, and happy lives. Recently, I wrote a book, Age With Style: Your Guide To A Youthful Smile & Healthy Living. In it, I try to help people discover how their dental health affects their whole body health, wellness, and happiness.

When you visit Green Dentistry for your first appointment, I’ll help you learn how to care for your teeth and your body. We’ll talk about ways dentistry can help you live longer and feel better. You’ll be amazed by what you learn.

$407 New Patient Special Includes…

Dental Exam

The key to your exam is the 1-on-1 time you’ll have with Dr. Patel. Together you’ll discuss your health and medical history, dental health and smile goals, and develop a treatment plan to help you reach them.

Dr. Patel will examine your teeth and gums, review her findings, and talk about about treatment options available to you.

You’ll have plenty of time to ask any questions you have and get the answers you need to make the best decision for your health and smile.

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Digital X-rays

These aren’t like any x-rays you’ve had before! 3D digital x-rays capture crystal-clear high-definition images in just seconds. Plus they use a fraction of the radiation required for old-fashioned x-ray films.

Digital x-rays help Dr. Patel to:

  • Detect decay and disease early, allowing for minimally-invasive treatment options
  • Accurately place crowns and fillings, leading to long-lasting dental restorations
  • Create a custom treatment plan that’s right for you

Teeth Cleaning

After your gentle and thorough teeth cleaning, you’ll love how your teeth look and feel. You’ll work with one of our experienced hygienists who will not only clean your teeth but answer questions about your dental health.

Patients often ask about:

  • Recommended toothpaste, toothbrushes, and dental floss
  • Whether fluoride and mouthwash are needed
  • How to brush and floss properly
  • Whether an electric toothbrush is right for them
  • How to eliminate tooth stains and other cosmetic issues

Learn More About The Green Dentistry Philosophy

See For Yourself — Visit Our San Francisco Dentist Office

You’ll love our thoughtfully designed modern dental office in Union Square. There’s nothing like it! Our office is filled with eco-friendly and sustainable features. When you’re comfortable at the dentist, you’ll be less anxious and happier. That’s why we take pride in offering spa-like amenities, including:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Warm blankets and neck wraps
  • Essential oils & crystal healing
  • Noise-canceling headphones

Visit Our San Francisco Dental Office

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Hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM,
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“My experiences with Dr. Patel and her staff just keep getting better and better. They are so friendly, responsive and most of all great with my teeth! Most people dread going to the dentist, but Green Dentistry makes the experience quick, easy and painless”

– Courtney L.

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