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Why Holistic Dentistry Matters

The health of your mouth plays a significant role in the health of your body. Not only can infections like gum disease cause inflammation in the rest of your body, the products you and your dentist use in your mouth can also impact your whole health.  

At Green Dentistry, we’re holistic dentistry experts. As a whole health dentist, Dr. Patel has closely studied the relationship between oral and systemic health, and we work with naturopaths to ensure the technology, procedures, and products we use are safer for you than traditional dental solutions like mercury fillings and fluoride treatments.

The Basics of Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry, also called biological dentistry or natural dentistry, is a type of dental care that takes into account how oral health affects systemic health. It offers whole health dentistry procedures that don’t use toxic or dangerous substances when treating cavities, gum disease, and other oral health conditions.  

A natural dentist considers your physical, emotional, and spiritual health before recommending a procedure and will work with you to custom tailor your dental care to fit your unique health needs. We believe that the health of each part of your body the health of every other part of your body, and when one is out of balance, the rest of the body can experience unpleasant and even concerning symptoms. 

Natural dentistry can help you restore your whole health balance and help you look and feel your absolute best. It’s something we’re passionate about and we strive to offer our patients quality holistic dental services that are a perfect match.

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Dr. Patel’s Natural Dentistry Approach

The staff at Green Dentistry work hard to ensure that patients are as safe as possible from the harmful substances found in traditional dental offices. 

Our office is mercury and BPA-free, level 10 for holistic, and has a state-of-the-art filtration system for amalgam filling removal. We’re proud to be able to treat patients from a whole health perspective using natural dentistry techniques. 

Dr. Patel is SMART Certified and uses the SMART Dentistry technique to safely remove amalgam fillings. When you have your mercury fillings removed by Dr. Patel, she will use mercury-absorbing rinses, barriers that reduce mercury exposure, and high-tech filters to absorb mercury vapor. This prevents you from ingesting or inhaling toxic substances while having your fillings removed. Then, your fillings will be replaced with biocompatible, tooth-colored resin.  

Dr. Patel is a  member of multiple holistic dental associations, including the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Technology (IAOMT), the Holistic Dental Association (HDA), and the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM). She has functional medical training and has years of experience working as a holistic dentist in the San Francisco, California area.

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FAQs About Holistic Dentistry

What does it mean to be a holistic dentist?

As a holistic dentist, I consider your entire physical and emotional health when preventing, diagnosing, and treating tooth and gum issues. I want to help you be healthy and have a smile you love. My office is a comfortable environment where we provide dental care that is beautiful, functional, and designed to last for years. We are also respectful of your time and use advanced dental technologies that are less invasive and require less follow-up care than many traditional treatments.

When you visit Green Dentistry, we will:

  • Build a partnership based on your specific health needs
  • Educate and empower you to participate in your dental care plan
  • Help you achieve healthy teeth and gums for life!

At Green Dentistry, we use only safe, sterile, non-toxic, mercury-free/BPA-free, biocompatible & organic materials in your dental treatment and in our office environment.

Why is mercury-free dentistry so important?

Mercury is a toxin and should never be in your body, especially not in your mouth as part of a dental filling! As a holistic dentist and member of the International Academy of Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), Dr. Patel has studied the damage mercury and other toxins inflict upon the body. All of the materials used in dental treatments are non-toxic and fully biocompatible and she is trained in the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings.                                            

Are mercury fillings dangerous?

Yes. Mercury is a known toxin and can cause serious health problems! It should never be anywhere near your mouth. At Green Dentistry, we specialize in the safe removal of mercury fillings and can replace them with tooth-colored biocompatible composite fillings. These fillings are designed to look and function just like your natural teeth.  

Who is a good candidate for holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is a great match for almost every patient. Patients who have a sensitivity to chemicals or who simply want the most natural dental care available are excellent candidates for natural dentistry procedures. Dr. Patel will go over your whole health history and make a recommendation on what holistic dental procedures would help you the most.

What is a holistic root canal?

Traditionally, root canals use caustic chemicals to essentially “embalm” the inner tissue of a tooth, such as formaldehyde or a watered-down bleach solution. A holistic root canal may involve the use of ozone treatment, ultrasonic therapy, and lasers to kill bacteria inside the pulp in a way that is safe for the tooth and the rest of your body.

How will my natural dentist help my systemic health?

Dr. Patel will discuss your whole health with you, including but not limited to your oral health. She will recommend holistic treatments to help improve your oral and systemic health, such as probiotic supplementation, diet changes, sugar intake reduction, oil pulling, and other simple but effective changes you can make to naturally improve your health.

“The staff and doctors are super friendly! Dr. Patel was kind and walked me through every concern I had for my appointment. I love that they offer so many different services like teeth whitening, deep cleaning, and even a dental spa!”

– Danika P.

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