In recent years, “holistic care” has turned into a healthcare buzzword. But here at Green Dentistry, this term isn’t a trendy saying; it’s our commitment to helping you achieve lifelong health and wellness.

Keep reading to find out what it means to take a holistic approach to dentistry and why choosing a holistic dentist will help you keep your teeth longer and achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

Holistic dental care vs. traditional dental care

To understand the benefits of a holistic approach, you first need to know the difference between holistic and traditional dental care.

Traditional Dentistry – A “drill and fill” approach. Treats the negative symptoms affecting your teeth and gums, attempting to stop the symptom from occurring.

Holistic Dentistry – Treats systems, not symptoms. Focusing on the underlying problems that are causing symptoms in your mouth, attempting to eliminate those problems and prevent symptoms from occurring in the first place. Ensures your dental care does not have any adverse affect on your whole-body health and well-being.

Here’s a simple example of how a traditional dentist and a holistic dentist differ in their treatment approach:

Traditional Dentist Holistic Dentist
If you’re experiencing tooth decay, a traditional dentist may recommend you start using an electric toothbrush and possibly receive a crown or implant if the tooth is badly damaged. A holistic dentist may make the same recommendation, but will also consider other lifestyle factors that might be contributing to the issue and need to be addressed, such as your diet, sleep patterns, or hormonal changes.

How holistic dentistry helps you maintain healthy teeth for life

Let’s dive into some specific ways a holistic philosophy of care works to maximize your dental and whole-body health.

1. Provides high-tech, minimally-invasive treatments

Choosing a holistic dentist does not mean sacrificing high-tech treatments. Just the opposite, in fact! Holistic dentistry is focused on modern, minimally-invasive technologies and treatments.

A holistic dentist considers your entire well-being as opposed to only what’s happening inside your mouth. This means a holistic dentist will be focused on helping you avoid unnecessary, painful, and drawn-out procedures that hurt your overall well-being and produce sub-par results.

Here at Green Dentistry, we use the latest dental technology and minimally-invasive treatments to help you keep your natural teeth for longer and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

Our state-of-the-art care includes:

  • Advanced 3D digital x-rays
  • Laser treatments to treat gum disease more effectively (and without surgery)
  • High-tech dental implants
  • Same-day crown technology

2. Uses only biocompatible and non-toxic materials

A traditional approach to dentistry often uses dangerous mercury (amalgam) fillings or crowns and other harmful materials when treating dental issues. These can have negative effects on your whole-body health. A holistic dentist, on the other hand, will always use non-toxic and biocompatible materials to ensure the treatment never has dangerous repercussions on the rest of your body.

For example, the toxic effects of mercury have been known for over 2,000 years, yet for some reason many traditional dentists still use this material in your mouth! There’s absolutely no reason for this. Other (better) materials are available that are safe for your body, durable, and look great.

As a member of the International Academy of Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) I have extensively studied the damage mercury and other toxins inflict upon the body. That’s why at Green Dentistry all our dental treatments are designed to safely and effectively repair your teeth and encourage lifelong health.

We only use…

  • Sterile tools
  • Metal and mercury-free fillings and crowns
  • Non-toxic resin
  • Treatment materials 100% biocompatible with the human body
  • Composite fillings designed to match the color of your natural teeth and last for years

3. Treats you as a whole person, focusing on the root cause

Just like you do with your general practitioner, partnering with your dentist to create a care and treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs will always produce the best results.

Unfortunately, many traditional dentists never take the time to get to know their patients beyond their mouth and so can never provide the individualized level of care they deserve.

Holistic dentistry does what other styles of dentistry do not: put a focus on treating you as a whole person and looking at your health from all angles. This style of care takes a highly preventive approach and always prioritizes looking beyond symptoms to find the root cause of your dental issues.

At Green Dentistry, we always consider your entire physical and emotional health when preventing, diagnosing, and treating tooth and gum issues. Together we’ll…

  • Build a partnership designed around your specific health needs
  • Design a dental care plan focused on optimizing your whole body health
  • Empower you to participate in care and prevent issues
  • Help you achieve healthy teeth and gums for life!

4. Balances cosmetics and function for long-lasting results

Missing, damaged, or crooked teeth can make you feel self-conscious and affect your quality of life. But achieving perfect-looking teeth will mean nothing (and won’t last long) if they’re not functioning properly.

Holistic care takes a balanced approach to both form and function of your mouth, considering both factors when developing a dental care plan and providing treatment.

For example, if you’re concerned about stained teeth, a holistic dentist might offer a teeth whitening treatment while also providing guidance on what foods and beverages to limit if you want to avoid future stains or other dental issues.

At Green Dentistry, we believe form and function go hand in hand. We’re dedicated to producing incredible cosmetic results by helping you take control of your dental and whole body health.

How to choose the right holistic dentist in San Francisco

As you’re reviewing and comparing dentists in the bay area, look for an office that offers a holistic approach and provides the high-tech dentistry and individualized care mentioned above.

But don’t stop there! You should look forward to seeing your dentist, so choose a provider who will enhance your visit by providing a relaxing environment, friendly staff, and spa-like amenities.

Above all else, make sure your dentist takes the time to really listen to your concerns and understand your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle. You deserve nothing less!

Ready to achieve healthy teeth and gums for life?

At Green Dentistry, our holistic approach to your health extends beyond dental care. From working with you to optimize your nutrition and diet to help you achieve long-term mental and physical wellbeing – our goal is to help you keep your teeth for life.

Our San Francisco dentist office has invested in the latest technology advancements and is dedicated to helping you feel at ease during your appointment. You’ll love the relaxing atmosphere and spa-like amenities and our friendly, caring staff.