Dr. Nammy Patel from Green Dentistry in San Francisco discusses babies and how to help their teeth grow in strong and healthy.

Babies and Holistic Natural Health

Dr. Nammy Patel: So with babies, it’s really important to know that you do not want to give them a bottle, mainly because when the teeth come in the bottle actually has sugar, the milk actually has sugar in it. So as the babies are sleeping, the sugar gets stuck to the teeth and it leads to a lot of cavities. So it’s really important to make sure that you’re monitoring the baby bottle, is what we call it.

The other thing you want to be mindful about with children is that their teeth actually start coming around four to six months. So you want to start teaching them good oral hygiene before that. So you can get like a finger brush having them brush their teeth and their tongue, is really important because when they’re having their breast milk, there’s a huge coating on their tongue that has a lot of bacteria on it and that’s your microbiome. So it’s really important to clean that up.

And then also as they get older, making sure you’re watching their diet. So really making sure that after breastfeeding or after giving them some milk, give them some water so their mouth is being swished out. So it’s not leaving all the sugars and all the bacteria behind.