Dr. Nammy Patel from San Francisco Green Dentistry discusses gum recession and the pinhole technique, a method that uses pinholes and collagen to make new gum tissue.

What’s another procedure to help stimulate gum tissue?

So another way to get gum tissue back or gum recession relieved is something called the pinhole technique. And it’s really wonderful because we make small little pinholes and we stuff it with collagen and then we don’t brush our teeth for about six weeks, not six months, six weeks. So when we don’t do that, there’s bacteria on the teeth and so our body wants to fight that bacteria off, which is awesome. As it does that it’s going to take that collagen and make new gum tissue out of it. So it’s really cool because it’s really making scar tissue, but again, it’s using that collagen and is bringing tissue back that’s stronger and more resilient.