Dr. Nammy Patel talks about your mouth, how its part of your microbiome, and its relation to your immune system.

Your mouth is a window to your body, and it is a gateway to your health. The main reason when we talk about the mouth is because it’s part of your microbiome. So your microbiome is all the bacteria that exists. It’s kind of like the universe and within that, there’s good bacteria, bad bacteria. We always want the good bacteria to survive and win and the bad bacteria to not live. What happens in diseases is that when there is disease like diabetes or heart disease or anything along those lines, what it does, it makes the bad bacteria survive because it lowers your immune system. So, our immune system is not as strong as it needs to be to fight off the bad bugs. It’s kind of like a lost battle.

And so it’s super important that we’re always looking at the underlying causes and making sure that whatever disease is controlled, whether it’s diabetes, whether it’s hypertension, whether it’s acid reflux, whether it’s hormonal issues. Whatever it may be, we want to make sure that is under control so that our immune systems can be up and operating and fully optimal.