We have several different teeth whitening options in the practice. The first and the easiest is really a routine cleaning, because that we polish your teeth and we’re able to get the stains off, typically coffee stains and things like that.

Beyond that, there are several different options. The first is I have my own activated charcoal and coconut oil polishing paste that I use. After that, we have whitening pens. Then we have in-office laser whitening procedures. Also, take home trays.

What typically happens with take home whitening trays, or pens, or in-office whitening is there’s a little bit of sensitivity associated with it. So one of the things that I did is I used activated charcoal and coconut ghee, and also a lot of natural oils like peppermint, tea tree, in order to make my own natural whitening gel that I use actually in the practice. We actually polish your teeth up. It takes about 15 minutes. It’s completely natural. Your teeth look nicer. They are shiny, they have that beautiful sheen, so you’re able to really see a difference. It’s almost like a facial.