Dr. Nammy talks smile design, and dental treatments to give you a beautiful smile while saving as much tooth structure as possible.

There are some great options to design your best smile. I like to be really conservative so that we can save as much tooth structure as we can and give you the best results that you would want. A lot of times, people are looking for a smile design because they want their change of shape or the size or the color of the teeth, and there are many ways to do that. I like to start with the most natural first.

If the teeth are yellow, I usually recommend bleaching first. Or if there’s a gummy smile, I recommend something called a laser gingivectomy, where we remove the gum tissue and make the teeth look great.

The other options are veneers and crowns, or a full mouth reconstruction, or even straightening. We can do all of those. It depends on the patient, and also how can we get the best result while being most conservative so that you can have a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. And also we can save your natural tooth structure as much as possible.