When it comes to Invisalign versus regular braces, I only do regular braces if I absolutely have to. With Invisalign, you’re able to take them on and off, so you’re able to clean them properly. So what that does, it actually makes sure that it doesn’t cause gum disease, doesn’t cause any problems or decalcification of teeth, which is what typically occurs with regular braces because it’s hard to keep the areas clean because you’re not able to floss through very well, and if you are, it’s very subpar. It’s really, really, really difficult to get in between the wires and clean in between them.

Typically what I find is patients who have gone through regular braces in their childhood end up needing crowns in their adulthood because of teeth that were banded, had a lot of glue on it, and the teeth were decalcified, and so in their 30s, they start needing crowns on their molars, which is the worst thing you could ever do.

The other reason I really like Invisalign is because it’s aesthetically pleasing. People don’t even know that you’re in Invisalign. I was in Invisalign myself. People did not know that I was in Invisalign. Even my patients, when I was working with them, only when they got really close to me were they able to really tell that I had Invisalign on, which is really nice. It was a compliment to me. I really appreciated that. So, I’m a big fan of straightening the teeth, especially through Invisalign.