Patient: I recently had a pinhole procedure done. It’s like bovine collagen put into my gums. And I could not be happier to have a smile that will just go on for, hopefully a lot longer than I get to keep my teeth, hopefully. Because I’ve just seen too many of my friends have teeth issues and it does affect their whole emotions. And you can have the cosmetic procedures if you want, but really, that’s not going to extend your life, and it’s not going to make the quality of your life as good as really having, at least, first, primary is your real, true health, which comes through your mouth.

Damaris Stetzer (Dental Hygienist): I have assisted Dr. Patel with the pinhole surgery and it is just amazing to transform someones mouth to look 20 years younger, and it’s not just looks, trust me. Because as a gum specialist you can say, “I really care about your gums a lot.” And the changes it has made through the hygiene perspective is just amazing and they’re going to tell a difference for the rest of their lives.

Patient:  You have a healthier outlook, you have a healthier smile. When you smile I don’t know if it’s deceiving that it’s a more youthful smile because I’m 52 years old but it’s just something that’s like, “Oh, I feel like when I smile now it’s like even more.” It’s like, “Wow, and these are my teeth”, and this is the gift of your health is through your mouth. So, I’d like to keep my teeth and I hope everyone else does too.