My biggest love for laser comes from how well it serves the patients. It’s really nice to have a procedure done that is almost pain-free. It allows us to minimize the amount of anesthesia that we need, so it’s really minimally invasive. Also, it’s durable, it’s efficient, and also it lasts a long time as well. The laser actually promotes healing. It actually activates your own natural immune system to actually heal the tissue much better.

I have so many patients that go through this process. They come back saying, “You know, I feel healthier. I have more energy. My mouth smells better. I feel more confident about my smile. I feel more confident about my health in general” because the mouth is an access to the body. The cleaner the mouth is the better the body’s going to respond.

Our bodies are filled with good bacteria and bad bacteria everywhere from our skin to our stomach, to our mouths, to our hair. So when we’re able to actually get rid of the bacteria and help the hormones balance in the mouth, we actually find patients having a decrease in allergy responses. As people with autoimmune dysfunctions, it actually helps them feel better. They definitely have more energy and their bodies are working better. And that’s where we’re really focusing all of our efforts on is actually feeling better, having your immune system work better, having our bodies naturally work better, which is the key to living longer.