If you’ve always wanted to improve your smile but aren’t sure how to go about it, porcelain veneers from Green Dentistry in San Francisco may be the answer.

Porcelain veneers, if you haven’t heard, are ultra-thin shells of medical grade ceramic that are made individually to fit the front of a tooth. Several well-placed veneers can cover discoloration, chips, cracks, and even gaps.

Standard or Prepless?

There are two types of veneers: standard and prepless. Each type is made-to-order for a perfect fit over your teeth, but there is an important difference.

  • With standard veneers, a layer of tooth enamel must be removed in order for the veneer to stay in place. This means they are permanent.
  • Prepless veneers are minimally invasive, the removal of enamel is not necessary. We offer CEREC same-day prepless veneers that can be made in minutes with 3-D imaging..

Both types of veneers are stain-resistant and low maintenance. You brush your teeth the way you always have, and get regular checkups.

Biocompatible dental veneers from Green Dentistry in San Francisco are an ideal solution for any flawed smile. are committed to the overall health of our patients and practice holistic dentistry Our patients come to us from Sebastapol, Menlo Park, and all over the Peninsula. Please to schedule an appointment today!

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