Dr. Nammy talks about holistic dentistry, what it is, and what to look for when searching for a holistic dentist.

Holistic dentists are a group of dentists who are interested in your whole body health. And so their answer isn’t just going to be “brush and floss”, it’s going to be, “oh, let’s get to the underlying root of your problem.”

“Oh, I see bleeding gums”. A normal dentist would be like, “oh, bleeding gums, we’ll check you in six months. No big deal.” While with a holistic dentist, we’re going to look at, “okay, you have bleeding gums, you’re 25-years-old, that seems kind of odd, you don’t have any other conditions, let’s evaluate this. Is it really your oral hygiene or is there something else going on that somebody hasn’t discovered yet? If that’s the case, let’s act as a partner with your medical doctor or your naturopath, to be able to find the root cause of the problem so that we can help support you.”

There’s things that we need to do in the dental office, which is use of lasers, anything along those lines to get rid of that bleeding gums, they’re an indication of inflammation and inflammation is what we want to get rid of at all costs.