Dr. Nammy Patel from Green Dentistry explains which wine is best for your health, and she gives tips on how to take care of your teeth after drinking red wine.

Dr, Nammy: For your teeth, there really aren’t good wines. But for your health, if you were going to have some wine, I would actually recommend an Italian Sangiovese. It’s a red wine. The reason for red wine is because it has more antioxidants, resveratrol.

It’s actually an anti-aging antioxidant that exists. And in Italy there’s some colder climates during the winter time, which actually makes the grapes really, really, really red. And that deep red means that there’s a lot more resveratrol in it, so it’s a higher content. So they would be my go-to if I was going to have some red wine.

Does Wine Stain Teeth?

Speaker 2: You’re not worried about it staining teeth?

Dr. Nammy: No, I just brush and floss. And I would say an electric toothbrush is really the way to go. So that works really well.