Misaligned teeth can be unsightly and really detract from your smile. There are issues that go beyond mere appearance, too: misaligned teeth can affect your bite and give you jaw pain. Clear braces from Invisalign, available at Green Dentistry in San Francisco, are an ideal solution.

If you haven’t heard of them before, you may be in for a surprise. Clear braces really are clear, like the name says. They look a lot like an athlete’s mouthguard. Over a period of months you wear a series of aligners that gradually increase the pressure on your teeth to bring them into proper alignment. You’re left with an ideal bite!

The advantages of Invisalign clear braces over conventional metal braces include:

  • Removeable. While it’s best to wear them most of the time, clear braces can removed at mealtime, and to brush and floss.
  • Nearly undetectable. Since they’re clear, they are nearly invisible. People standing just a few feet away may not know you’re wearing them.
  • Comfortable. Metal braces can leave you with abrasions inside the cheeks. Clear braces? Not an issue.
  • Effective. Best of all, clear braces work!

Invisalign clear braces from Green Dentistry in San Francisco give better results than ordinary braces, and without any of the drawbacks. They fit perfectly with our holistic dentistry approach, and we’ve used them in patients from Sebastapol, Menlo Park, and the Peninsula. Please call our office to schedule an appointment today!

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