In this video, Dr. Nammy talks about three ways to whiten your teeth naturally, including electric toothbrushes, charcoal toothpaste, and coconut ghee.

We’re going to talk about three things we can do to keep our teeth naturally white. The first one is really making sure you’re using an electric toothbrush. My favorite is the Oral B because it hits your teeth with 50,000 pulsations per minute, so that’s faster than Superman. The electric toothbrush is able to remove all stains you build up on an everyday basis that comes with drinking your coffee, or your tea, or kombucha.

The second thing that I love is using charcoal toothpaste. I usually use charcoal toothpaste about twice a week. What that does is it removes the stains that are on the teeth. I prefer only twice a week just to make sure it’s not too abrasive.

The last thing that I recommend is using coconut ghee. The best thing you could do is floss first, brush your teeth, then put some coconut ghee on your teeth. Rub it for about two minutes. When you rub it for about two minutes, what it actually does is that it naturally whitens the teeth. It has antioxidants and it also has chemicals to naturally remove bacteria, so it helps the gums. Then also, it naturally whitens the teeth. I would definitely do that.