There are a lot of misconceptions out there around brushing our teeth that cause many people to brush incorrectly. So today, Dr. Nammy will shed light on toxic and damaging practices that could be ruining your teeth or your health over time, as well as some of the most important factors that go into brushing well.

Listen in to learn how you should be brushing and what kind of toothbrush to use to ensure you’re not harming your teeth and gums. You will also discover the best times to brush and floss, harmful toothpaste ingredients to watch out for, and Dr. Nammy’s recommendations for toothpastes with ingredients you can trust.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Common misconceptions about brushing.
  • Why brushing harder is not the answer.
  • The most important place to brush.
  • Why brushing alone is not enough.
  • The top recommended toothpastes.
  • How often to use charcoal.
  • The best times to brush.
  • Toxins and toothpaste ingredients to watch out for (sodium loral sulfate, triclosan, F, D &C blue dye, fluoride, and hydrated silica).

Ideas Worth Sharing:

There is a method and a way to brush your teeth properly that is going to work well for you—working smarter vs. harder. - @DrNammyPatel Click To Tweet It’s not the toilet; you don’t have to scrub it that hard! - @DrNammyPatel Click To Tweet Toothpaste has a lot of toxic ingredients, and often they’re mislabeled or labeled in a way that we’re really not going to understand. -@DrNammyPatel Click To Tweet

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