My name is Dr. Namrata Patel. I am San Francisco’s green dentist and I want to welcome you to my practice.

I actually grew up in a little village of eight houses, born in my little living room. There were trees in the front, trees in the back, so I’m really in tune with nature. Also being Jain, we weren’t allowed to waste anything.

It was really important for me when I chose my career path, that I picked something that was really in alignment with my ethics, with my core, and that’s how Green Dentistry came about. It was really important for me when I got out of dental school that I would find and work in a place that was…that kind of fit my values, and Green Dentistry definitely fits my values.

What makes us green is really three different things. One is the way we work with our clients, which is the most important. Second is our office design. And third is the materials we use.

We offer all aspects of general dentistry including silver filling replacements, orthodontic care, and cosmetic dentistry. For general dentistry, we are really big on taking care of our clients’ teeth and gums so that they can be healthy.

I am actually trained to do silver filling replacements, so I remove them in a safe manner so that way you’re not being exposed to a lot of the mercury, because that’s when it’s most toxic is when it’s being removed.

What we also do for orthodontic care is we offer Invisalign. It’s a way to straighten your teeth using clear aligners. It’s a wonderful method, a short amount of time, and it’s also very aesthetic.

The last thing we offer for our clients is actually cosmetic dentistry. We do smile rejuvenations, smile creations to really create that wonderful, beautiful, bright smile that we really all want.

Also for our clients, we’re part of this wonderful community. So often do I find clients meeting in my space and making connections and really working together, which is really nice because then you’re really expanding and creating a space where there’s community. I love giving back to the world, I love taking care of people and I like for them to go through a good experience.