Veneers are really great because we’re able to be minimally invasive with the natural teeth and we’re able to get great results. They look really, really, really good within a short period of time. We don’t have to extract any teeth. We don’t have to remove a lot of tooth structure. We don’t have to do any additional services. It’s basically like a press-on nail. We’re able to put a veneer on and make sure that the teeth really look good and feel good within a short period of time.

When somebody has a foundation of the teeth that’s solid but the aesthetics is not very pleasing, the veneers are a solid solution for that. The foundation is really rock solid of the teeth and, what the veneers will do, it’ll put a nice casing on the outside to make it look really good.

What the veneers are great for is for patients who have tetracycline staining or just teeth that are too short, or have had bonding that has failed over time. It’s a great product for patients, or a great service for patients, especially if they’re unhappy with their smile.