I have had always pretty bad teeth, so nothing really stands out where I would say this is something that is special. There’s always something, and that has never changed. I had gold crowns. So back in Germany we would have some dentists who were very crafty. So things were done with incredible precision and I was quite proud of them. So coming here and getting a new approach was … I would ask questions like, “Are they really that durable? Is this really going to work?” But they were fast and that was really fascinating. It took two hours and I was done. I remember my very first crown I got on my teeth back home in Germany — it took two weeks.

When I got out of the office, I always feel like there has been a tremendous amount of time and thought and focus spent on my teeth. But I do get that point. I come out and I think, “Wow, there was a specialist in place and I can trust her with her assessment on that topic.” And I think she would like me to go out just understanding that I need to keep on thinking about my teeth. It’s easy to forget about teeth when they are okay and they don’t hurt.