My initial reason for coming to Dr. Patel was I have been dealing with snoring and I also grind my teeth. I was hoping to find an apparatus that would not only solve my grinding problem, but also solve my snoring issue. While I was here, and because she does such a full analysis, holistic medicine, she said, “Well, you have an extreme overbite.” I said, “What?” Through that, I learned that…she showed me a series of pictures and provided an explanation. I’m a scientist, so I totally loved all the detail. She just said, “Okay, by having this, it creates this problem,” and was very matter of fact and linear about the explanation and root cause. I was like, “Okay, let’s do this.”

Then I was fit for Invisalign. It’s been wonderful. The Invisalign was not as painful as I thought or even annoying using. I thought it would get just cumbersome. Like every time you eat, you have to take it out, put it on here, there. But you wouldn’t know it, but I’ve actually kept my Invisalign in this entire time in this interview, and I’m wearing them right now and you probably can’t even tell.