I’ve had many procedures through this office over the past nine years. One of them was the Invisalign which Dr. Patel was really good at literally stepping it out step-by-step what needs to happen. And I was just impressed how she had really improved my smile. My smile was, I think, pretty good to begin with, but I think she made it even better.

And then when Dr. Patel was getting very concerned that I had two very old fillings that were fractured, and she was being very polite the first two consultations when she warned me. She said, “Look, I notice things much more in advance than most dentists because I can see these patterns. I’ve experienced them myself in other clients, and you’re going to end up with a cracked tooth.” And she’s like, “You either have to pay for it now, and it’s going to cost this much and it’s a sticker shock, or you’re going to pay three times as much 18 months from now and be in a whole lot of pain.”

And it was that trust of like “oh, she’s not trying to sell me something.” She’s generally looking out for my wellbeing because she knows I don’t like to be in distress with my teeth, and it was five years ago, and I’ve never had any pain since. I can now crack almonds on that tooth and not even think about it, whereas before I could barely chew pasta. When Dr. Patel says you need something for your teeth, I don’t even question her anymore. I just say to her, “okay”. I just say, “From this point forwards, okay, whatever needs to happen needs to happen,” because I know she’s looking out for me, looking out for my overall health, and I strongly recommend Dr. Patel to anybody who wants to improve their teeth and smile, but also wants to make a friend for life, because she will not let go of you when you really need someone to talk to you and she will always be there for you, and she’s really good.