Dr. Nammy talks about natural nasal sprays that you can use to help open up your nasal passages in order to breathe easier, and breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.

There are different types of nasal sprays. There’s prescription ones, non-prescription ones, but all of these nasal sprays have one thing in common. What they’re doing is your nose is a little narrow tunnel, just opening up the tunnel to be able to breathe and get more oxygen in.

A lot of times there’s congestion because of allergies or food allergies or environmental allergies or a deviated septum, whatever it may be. The thing that we want to look at is we want to open them up in the best way that’s possible. And my favorite being is it’s called All Clear it’s as xylitol-based ingredient. And it’s a non-pharmaceutical meaning it’s not Afrin or anything like that. It doesn’t have a histamine in there. So it’s a great way to open up the sinuses. And also the xylitol also hydrates. So the nose isn’t dry once it’s open. And that tends to work really, really well for patients.

If those things don’t work, sometimes an ENT [Ear Nose and Throat Doctor] is really necessary. And then also we have devices that help open the nostrils. There’s devices that you can wear at night. It’s like a little dental guard with a nostril opener and opens up the nostril so you can get better air flow. The key thing that we’re looking at here is just to make sure that the patients are breathing and breathing all the time.