Dr. Nammy talks about the connection between your overall health and your teeth, and how working on improving your overall health can help you keep your teeth for life.

So, the best way to keep your teeth is, obviously, by brushing and flossing. Beyond that, it actually is looking at your overall health. And that’s the one thing that dentistry tends to miss, because your mouth is part of the rest of the body. So, it’s important that they go together. We find that a lot of patients who lose their teeth actually have diabetes, or some sort of immune responses, or some sort of gut issues, or acid reflux, or something along those lines. So, it’s really important to know the overall body health and really making sure something that we think is normal, like acid reflux, actually has a huge impact on what the teeth, and really making sure that you’re able to really look at that and really take things seriously because it’s not normal. It’s not normal to have acid reflux consistently. It’s not normal to have thyroid issues consistently. It’s not normal to have diabetes, obviously. Anything that is a dysfunction or that stops the body from working optimally and naturally are the things we want to look at.