Dr. Nammy talks about grinding your teeth, and some natural ways to prevent it, including deep breathing, baths and showers, and meditation.

So a couple of natural ways to help grinding is, number one, before going to bed, doing some deep breathing, doing some Ujjayi breathing, is really key. So that’s when you go [inhales] and you really inhale and exhale through the throw, and you really feel that. What it does is that it takes our busy brain and it calms it. When we’re able to calm it we’re able to…whatever is on our brain that we’re thinking about doing, our to-do list, all of that, it just helps kind of bring us to a state of calm and presence. And doing that before bed is really wonderful.

The other things I also recommend are taking a bath or a shower. Water is a really nice way to disconnect, especially people who tend to be clinchers and grinders tend to be a lot of fire energy. So a lot of Pitta, so water is really good for us. And so when we’re taking that nice shower, with some good aromatherapy in it, it helps us mentally disconnect from our day. And then doing some deep breathing. And then just really making sure that a deep meditation is really good. Setting our intention for the next day, telling our bodies we’re safe and comfortable, that we’re going to sleep, rejuvenate. And setting ourselves up for success is really what I always say. So our body can take the time to rejuvenate and revive, and wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated.