Fluoride has been used in dentistry for generations, and to this day many dental professionals recommend it for strengthening teeth and preventing cavities. But at Green Dentistry in San Francisco we consider fluoride unfit for use in humans. We do not, and never will, use it at our practice.

Many communities even add fluoride to their municipal water supplies, in the belief it is a health benefit. There are serious down sides to this, however. Consuming fluoride can lead to dental fluorisis, which is a pattern of whitish spots that appear in tooth enamel. In severe cases it can lead to brown spots, and pitted enamel.

The debate over fluoride has raged for many years. Even the American Dental Association calls fluoride safe, and effective in preventing cavities.

At Green Dentistry in San Francisco we respectfully disagree. Our view is that fluoride is a toxin that, in spite of what you may hear, does not decrease tooth decay. As a holistic practice we consider dental health inseparable from overall health. People from Sebastapol, Menlo Park, and the Peninsula come to us for general dentistry and a full range of dental services. Please give our office a call to schedule an appointment today!

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