When it comes to fear, there are several components to fear. There is the a mental, there’s emotional, and there’s physical. It’s really normal to be a little bit nervous. In fact, I’m nervous going to the dentist because I didn’t have dental care for many years of my life, actually, we were just really poor. We didn’t have the means to be able to go to the dentist. It was more of a luxury. So I know that it’s very … It can be very uncomfortable to come to the dentist and for that reason, one of the things I’ve done is designed this space and also the processes to make life more comfortable, dentistry more comfortable.

And one of the first things that we start off with is there’s always aroma therapy in the practice, so that it smells good. It feels good when you walk in. It just kind of starts naturally calming you down. After that, we actually take the time to get to know you. The most important thing is a foundation. Trust is key. We have to be able to trust each other. You have to be able to trust me to know that I’m going to take the best care of you. And that starts by us sitting knee to knee, eye to eye, and having an authentic conversation.

As far as soothing the body, we also have nitrous oxide, which is great as well. We can even do oral conscious sedation. I can give you an Ativan. There’s definitely a lot of [things] we can do in order to make you feel safe and comfortable because whether somebody is somebody that goes to the dentist routinely, there’s still a little bit of nervousness. It’s totally okay. It’s totally normal and what we ask is communicate with us so we can better serve you.