In this video, Dr. Nammy talks about the causes of gum recession including aggressive brushing, bite, and other factors, as well as the best solutions.

The solution for gum recession comes in many forms and it actually goes with the cause, so we must get to the cause of the gum recession. If the gum recession is caused by aggressive brushing, my solution is first start with an electric toothbrush, because if you push too hard, it will actually go, “Eh, eh” – it makes a little sound, so it tells you to ease up on that pressure.

If the gum recession is caused by the bite, what usually happens is when the teeth are not in right alignment, the teeth that are sticking out, you end up brushing them more. The first thing to do would be to fix the bite. As we fix the bite, we’re able to move the gum naturally so we can restore you to function and form, which is great.

Now, the last step is if the gum recession is extensive and it’s caused by a multitude of factors, we’ve already addressed the bite, we’ve already addressed the brushing, the next step that we look at is actually the pinhole procedure, which is a wonderful process. There are no sutures. The way it works is we make tiny little pin holes in the gum tissue, reflect the gum tissue and put collagen in it. Now, collagen is what’s really necessary for our skin, and it’s also part of our gum tissue. The way that it works is once we put the collagen inside the gums — we kind of stuff it like a turkey — then what we do is we wait for your body to incorporate it.