Dr. Nammy talks about the bite, and its importance to your teeth. A bad bite can cause cracks and chips, and require fillings and crowns, but a good bite not only looks great, but is functional, and can help you keep your teeth for a long time.

So the bite is the most important of the teeth. Just like we talk about gums being the foundation of the teeth, so is the bite. For example, if the bite is not right, what happens to the teeth is that they crack, they chip, you end up needing fillings or crowns.

Sometimes the fracture is so large, you end up needing to take the tooth out. And right now, a lot of times patients in their twenties don’t really care about the bite. They think about it that it’s cosmetic, it’s actually purely functional. It’s really important to fix that bite so you can chew properly and make sure you can keep your teeth for a long time.

And of course, as you keep the teeth in the proper shape and form, they do look better, which is really nice. It’s a nice added benefit, but it’s the best investment you’ll ever make in your life.