I am a big fan of dental implants mainly because it’s planting a new tooth. Just like the tooth has a root the implant has three different parts. The bottom portion is like the root portion that’s actually called the implant. There is a middle piece that’s the abutment and then the top is called a crown. It’ll last for a very long time. You are able to chew properly, you are comfortable, you can taste food, you don’t have to worry about something popping out. It’s basically a prosthesis that gets bonded to the bone.

When it comes to bridges, they can’t take the pressure of forces so they’re good at taking the up and down forces but not the sideways. So what usually happens with bridges is they fail faster and that’s the main reason why I like an implant versus a bridge. When it comes to implant retained dentures the main reason that I like those are mainly because it’s a fixed product. It actually goes inside your mouth and the pallet is open so that you can actually taste your food better. It is an investment but a really good one and one that will last you a lifetime and one that’s so important. Science has proven that keeping your teeth adds an extra 10 years to your life and implants really offer that availability to be able to do that.