Typically, the smile makeovers in my practice usually involve pinhole surgery, bringing the gum tissues down, and about 16 to 22 veneers, or 16 to 22 crowns. But what matters is what’s important for them, because it’s actually about the patient. The only non-negotiable that we have is health, really making sure that there are zero cavities and zero gum disease. We want to make sure we handle those first. But as far as cosmetics, we really look at, “How can we help them achieve their goals so that they can live a longer, joyful, rich, full life?”

I have so many patients, even geriatric patients who are in the hospital on their death bed, they want to have a beautiful smile when their family comes to visit. It is their self esteem. It is their pride. A smile is really important, and there’s no price for it. There really is not. It’s something that every single person wants. It’s something that matters for every single person, whether they admit it or not. It’s something that is so valuable because it’s internal.