Dr. Nammy Patel talks about leaky gut, and how the root cause can sometimes be bacteria that are formed in the mouth.

A lot of times a leaky gut — basically, means that in our intestine, there’s two protective layers. So one side is an area that doesn’t allow any bad bacteria or microbes or anything like that in there. So when there are people or patients with gluten allergy, anything like that, it causes leaky gut. Because what it does, it causes an allergic reaction. It causes an allergic reaction where your own body starts blasting away whatever that problem bacteria is, or problem food, or whatever it is. And it just keeps fighting it and fighting it, and opens up the space for that gut, so that bacteria can now have access to your bloodstream.

So how does that relate to teeth? So a lot of times patients with gum disease can have that. So in gum disease, there’s snake-like little bacteria that tend to be there. And what they do is, they eat away the bone and make the teeth loose. And since there’s saliva in the mouth, what the saliva does is takes all of that bacteria, and it takes it in your belly. So your belly’s going to want to fight that off. So as it tries to fight that off, it’ll also harm the inner lining and create that leaky gut.