Dr. Nammy Patel from San Francisco Green Dentistry discusses doing a boil consisting of black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and lemon to increase immune response.

Dr. Patel, you showed us some of your secret recipes, but what’s your secret, secret recipe to boost your immune system?

Dr. Nammy Patel: So one of the things that I do – it’s been in my family for generations – is a boil. So a boil, we do black pepper, and also cardamom and cinnamon with a lemon. So I would probably fill the pot up with water, and I would let it boil for about a good hour until it turns into half. So a lot of it evaporates, and what it does in that time is that cardamom cinnamon just boosts all those antioxidants out of there. And after that, I can put a little bit of honey in it, or a little bit of sugar, and then I drink it. Most of the time, it actually puts me to sleep, which is great because that is my body fighting off the bugs and my immune system just saying, “I got this.” So that’s my little secret recipe, and it tastes pretty good too.